First Party Auditing

In First Party conformity assessment someone from within your organisation will review the event sustainability management system in place, effectively conducting an internal audit.

The person who takes on the auditing/internal assessment role should have adequate experience and competency to be able to identify and understand event sustainability issues. This is important so they can interpret the implementation of the management system considering the context of the organisation, external and internal issues, all framed against the organisation’s sustainable development principles.

Steps to First Party Conformity with ISO 20121

We have put together some steps to follow in doing a self-assessment.

1. Buy a copy of the standard
2. Read the standard and the annex guidance
3. Define the scope of your management system
4. Frame your system against a sample event activity
5. Create and implement the management system
6. Use the Internal Audit Tool to assess conformity
7. Make conformity claims

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