About this Tool

International standard ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems requires an internal audit be undertaken to ensure you have everything in place for your management system and that you meet the requirements specified within the standard.

To make it easier for those that have the job of conducting an internal audit (or even those implementing the management system that want to check everything's in place), we've created a clause-by-clause conformity assessment checklist.

It is set up via online forms and when you complete each section your submissions are emailed to you. You can make changes to the form, but once you hit 'submit' no more changes are possible.

The form includes information on:

  • what the requirements are of the standard, by clause;
  • tips to the auditor on what to look for;
  • a checkbox to confirm conformity or not;
  • a place for auditor to write notes, which can also include non-conformities and corrective action plans.

Conformity Ready Tool

The tool can be used as a 'conformity ready' tool, to minimise your costs when undertaking an external audit. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row!!

Gap Analysis Tool

Likewise this is a 'gap analysis' tool - useful for building your management system to the requirements of ISO 20121. Run through the tool and you will soon see if there are any gaps in the implementation of the requirements and the collection and easy access to evidence of your procedures, plans, and policies in action.